some old poems I wrote

24 September 2003

And no one is coming to rescue me

Jivin’ to Andre 3000 || Ice Cold !


Baby’s got me hangin’ on a string

Back & forth he makes me swing

He watches with a heavy sigh

He’s happy when he says goodbye


Baby spins me round and round

And never wants to settle down

He speaks of love with his last breath

His final kiss, the kiss of death


Through my hardest days I will not find you

And no one’s coming to my rescue


These days I’m more down than up

Waiting to see who fills my cup

I dreamed of you and woke up scared

He’s lying in the bed we shared


They say, “When you can’t take the heat…”

Now his scent lingers on my sheets


He makes me laugh & I forget

I haven’t found my true love yet

A love that I can hardly see

And no one comes to rescue me


An old flame I let down real easy

He said he only wants to please me

But in his bed, clothes on the floor

Old flames I don’t want anymore


Back in the day his love was good

I’m glad he said he understood

In the morning when I left

I knew I’d never see him again

One day, if his love is true

Cupid will come to my rescue


Faces blend into the crowd

I wish he’d scream my name out loud

Then I’d look and I would see

The love that’s waiting just for me


Tick-tock, the days pass by so swift

I’ll settle for some real good dick

“Cuz if you can’t be with the one you love…”

I’ll settle for some real good dick


Cynical, intellectual Gemini

Freedom, fly on butterfly

If he can make me feel that free

He’ll be the one who rescues me


9:48 PM


19 June 2005


Dusting off the pieces of my broken dreams

The picture on the canvas wasn’t what it seemed

And now they won’t fit together,

All the pretty colors

I’m starting from scratch,

I’ll learn to make another


Nothing but time would heal the wound,

I’m moving on, gotten over you

The sun is shining bright on my attitude,

And I’m in the mood

To find a new dude,

Someone to give all my good lovin’ to


Seeing things around me in a brand new light

Sometimes life didn’t treat me right

But now I realize just when you slammed the door

I looked out the window and saw so much more

A beautiful world, but it was either/or


You made life seem like such a dream

I played the queen (I loved my king!)

But what can save a kingdom

Plagued by invisible foes?


I really did enjoy the ride

I want 2 stay right by your side

But how do I hold onto it if “that’s just the way love goes?” 🔚🔛🔝🔜
~ chorus ~

Call up Dr. Feelgood,

Tell him my baby wants his mind back!

Give him a prescription for a bottle of get-right

Take 2 of these and your future will be bright


Maybe I’ll see you in another life

Maybe next time I’ll be your wife

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