omg I have so been procrastinating on my blog post re: the AJC Decatur Book Festival

So to be super lazy, here is, first, a slide show.

I was featured as an Emerging Writer at the AJC Decatur Book Festival on Sunday 3 September 2017 at Historic Decatur Square in metro Atlanta.

Smugmug slideshow – Maya Morrow at AJC Decatur Book Festival

To procrastinate more, I will post a Youtube video of my presentation, probably tomorrow.

What is it with this uber lazy energy?

Maybe it’s because of the new puppy.

FullSizeRender 28
Dakota, Lab/Pointer mix, 8 weeks old

That’s another post.


2 thoughts on “omg I have so been procrastinating on my blog post re: the AJC Decatur Book Festival

  1. You wrote a book!!! I HAVE to get it. It will bring back so many memories of life growing up in San Jose!

    Let me know where/how I can buy a copy or two.

    Love Ya!!

    Mike Young (remember me?)

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    1. Mike, yes, I did write a book. Actually, these are my published diaries from age 12-18, or 1984-1990. These are my very private thoughts and journey through adolescence to womanhood, and I leave nothing out! As IF I can forget you when our families were so close! In fact, you, your mom, and Reggie are all mentioned in SGV. One spoiler: Licia was too afraid to call Reggie and ask him to go with her to her Christmas Ball, so I called and did it for her. I was like, 13. LOL

      And there are SO many stories of Jack & Jill Teen Conferences. Here’s a list of all the places where you can buy my book, but for those who are specifically mentioned in the book, I’m happy to send a complimentary signed copy. Just send me your address. And THEN, still buy a few copies of my book and give them away as gifts! GEN X will love this book, and specifically Deltas, Ques, and Jack & Jill alumni, because I talk about these organizations SO much.

      Here’s a partial listing of places to buy my book online:

      Silicon Valley Girl is available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book editions and is available for purchase via the following online retailers:

      Thank you for your support, brother!


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