warm breezy

You remind me of
Warm, rainy days
With nothing else to do
But lie next to my open window
And listen to the rain fall
Tap-dancing on pavement, car hoods, and rooftops

Love flows from my speakers
As I ride the Blue Train
With Coltrane
And inhale the sweet smell
Of a soft, southern breeze—
A delicate combination of
Freshly cut grass
And red Georgia mud

Happy is what I am
And I smile as you
Cunningly, constantly swim in and out
Of my subconscious thoughts,
Creating a flash of excitability
Stirring up emotion
Preempting the anticipation
Of seeing you again

Hours go by
Lost in thought
Suspended in time
Night has fallen,
And it’s only now that I rise
Separating myself from my
Divine, natural reflections

I bathe in scented oils and rose petals,
Slip into something soft
And wait to dream again
When you knock at my door

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