excerpt – Silicon Valley Girl (may 31, 1987)

May 31st, 1987 Sunday morning 11:45 A.M.
Chris insisted on giving me his number even though I gave him mine. He didn’t believe it was my number. He thought I gave him a fake one! He said “Here’s mine just in case.” 🙂 This was the 1st concert I’ve ever been to. Melvin Riley and Bobby Brown had us screaming! Bobby took off his shirt and was grinding! Melvin said “They say it’s against the law to get undressed on stage.” (Screams) He started unbuttoning his shirt! OOH! At one point he was down almost to the floor of the stage, mic. in one hand, supporting himself with the other, hips off the ground, feet on. He said “Three times!” The music and beat went “Boom, boom, boom!” And each time he did a real sharp pelvic THRUST up into the air. We S C R E A M E D! I told Debbie I was gonna faint! I know the boys were jealous! (Chris and Anthony) They kept standing by us and leaving off and on.

There was some crazy Mexican dude in front of us with his friends. We found out his name was Jose. He was cute, and after 5 minutes we were acting like we’d known each other 5 years. He was all into his R.F.T.W.! He screamed when we did! (No he wasn’t gay) He kept telling us to dance and scream. He yelled at us to dance and scream! I miss Chris. I hope he calls today. He was talking about fighting someone after we we[re] waiting on the outside. Said he couldn’t wait for Monday to kick somebody’s—-! I hope he doesn’t. I don’t want him to fight.

He was talking about going to 1999 (a teenage dance club here in S.J.) this weekend. If he goes, I’m going. Then I’ll definitely kiss him. Ooh, I’ll get to dance with him! Fast and SLOW! I’ve never been there, but dog, everyone else and their grandma has, except me! 🙂 I’ll wait for him to call me, ‘cause I’m not calling him long distance! (Ain’t I a mess?) Shoot, my area code is 408.

Three more days till my birthday! (No I haven’t forgotten) There are only 3 cherries on our tree and it’s 2 years old! We have a whole bunch of plums, apricots, and apples, but they’re not ripe. We planted a peach tree this year where the bad nectarine tree used to be. We may have fruit next year. [We’re] gonna have lemons this year, too. Anyway, the cherries are the only things ripe, and Mom said Dad was saving them for our b-day, but I looked at them this morning, and 2 were eated off by birds! Dumb birds. The people behind us have hundreds of cherries (which I pick) and they’re gonna pick on our little three. They could at least finish one before pecking another. I’m gonna ask Dad to take [me] to the now-open cherry stands. The bings are ripe. We got some a couple of weeks ago, but they were bad ‘cause they weren’t bing cherries. Dad’s birthday is a week from tomorrow. I gotta get him something.

Yesterday I bought a pair of Guess?® jeans from Miller’s Outpost. Everyone wears them and I’ve never had a pair, but I wanted some for the concert. They’re expensive, $42 – about $60 dollars. Mine were 44, but I’m taking them back today. I sewed the tag back on and put the others back on with liquid cement! They’re all ragedy at the bottom and the waist is too big anyway! Should have known not to get ‘em at M.O. I’m going to get a pair at Macy’s.

Well, it’s 12:20 and I’m in pajamas and rollers, so I better go. Licia’s still asleep! Kwan went to church (to meet friends, not to listen). Mom went to early service. Licia went to the Senior Ball last night with a guy named Brad. He’s in Jack & Jill and I used to have a crush on him. I don’t know why she needs to sleep so late. She only got in an hour after me. I saw her and Brad walk in, but I don’t think they saw me upstairs. They walked into the den. Last night I wrote Mom and Dad were asleep, but Dad was awake and so was Mom when I came home, but she was sleep when Licia got in at about 1:20. The parents were worried about me ‘cause when I got home from Jackie, Kwan was already here. Anyway, I went to bed right after that.

Gotta go. “The Screams of Passion” by the now defunct “The Family” is on now. It was a hit of last year and I have their album. I used to love this song. I dedicate it and all the other love songs to Chris. Love, Maya
P.S. Chris’s

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