excerpt – Silicon Valley Girl (may 30th, 1987)

May 30th, 1987 actually May 31st 12:50 A.M. “Saturday night”

CHRIS. Dear Diary, CHRIS. Went to Great America today. Concert at 8:00. Got there at 5:00 to ride a bit before. Ready for the World and Bobby Brown. I went with Debbie Glasgow, her friend Pam, who I remember from Independence, and her bratty cousin Tanya who’s 12! We had sorry seats so we were walking around trying to find a good view and these two guys, while we were standing by the wooden wall and snack bar, walked and stopped right behind Debbie. I thought both liked her, but it turned out one liked me. Chris!

He’s so cute. He had on a Gucci cap and I think he has an east coast. He’s 17, a junior, goes to Westside High in Redwood City and today was walking with a cane. “Football injury.” 🙂 Canes are so cool and he’s so cute. I was asking Debbie if I had on enough lipstick. I said “It’s worn off, huh?” He said “You want me to take the rest off for you?” I laughed. We screamed at R.F.T.W. B.B. had already finished before we met them. After a while we decided to walk back over to our seats. They were taken, of course, and we knew it, so we just kind of hung around even though there were plenty of empty seats. He stood by me on and off. Debbie’s man is Anthony. She doesn’t like him, but he has her number. He’s cute. Pam and Debbie think Chris is cuter, though. 🙂

Chris isn’t innocent, but at least he wasn’t yelling out like Anthony “I wanna fuck!” NO. But when Melvin Riley started (lead singer of R.F.T.W.) grinding and groaning to the girls (us screaming our heads off) and said “guys, do you wanna do the same thing I do?”, Chris said “Hell, yeah! Fuck, yeah!” It was cute. 🙂 We were standing on the benches, him by me, Anthony…somewhere behind us and all over the place, like Chris most of the time. When M.R. started saying “I need to touch somebody, etc.” I said “Ooh, me, baby” and Chris said playfully “You’re not going anywhere, young lady.” I laughed. When the concert was out, we all walked 2-gether, me beside Chris, and then he and Anthony went to talk to some friends. With the mob of people, I didn’t think I’d see him again that night. But I passed by him and he looked at me and I said “What?” He shook his head “no.”

When we got out, there were still a lot of people on the phones and waiting for rides. I was looking for him. Pam spotted him and said he spotted me but he kept passing us by, walking all over the place. Anthony was in one place and Debbie and Pam went to talk to him because Debbie hardly paid any attention to him all night. Finally, when I was talking to some other friends, he came over there and looked at me. We started talking and he said “Let’s go over there”, motioning towards Debbie and co. We walked over there and when I stood by Debbie he goes “Hey, you’re supposed to be talking to me.” So I stood by him. He had also said earlier that I wasn’t supposed to scream at M.R., but at him. How cute.

They’d already called Jackie, Debbie’s sister, and when she came, they went to the car, but I couldn’t leave Chris and he didn’t want me to. He just looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said he was gonna kill himself tonight and we wouldn’t see each other for a long time.
Of course he was just kidding. Earlier he had actually tried to turn me around to check out my butter! They were in the car, but at a light behind a bus, so I talked to him a little longer. When I finally had to go to the car, I hugged him and he held me so tight and put his mouth to my neck. I felt his hands on my derriere and he got a good squeeze before I pulled away and went to the car.

I hope to see him this weekend. He has my number and I have his. Earlier when I had asked him why he kept looking at me, he said “Maybe I like what I see, did that ever occur to you?” If he was here with me in my bed right now… I hugged him and wanted to kiss him (I know he would have gladly) even though when I told Debbie to kiss Anthony goodnight, she laughed and Pam said she talks about girls who move so fast. Anyway, Chris is so decent and gentlman-like in his own way to try to kiss me. He’s kind of thuggish, too, and that combination excites me. I hope I see him this weekend. I really didn’t want to leave him. Love, Maya

[P.S.] I don’t even know his last name! (But he knows mine) I feel like there’s more to say about him but I’ll tell you anything else tomorrow. Right now everyone’s asleep and I’m going to lie in the dark (w/o my radio on) and think about him after my prayers until I fall asleep.

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