I’ll see you in my dreams: An ode to my father

There I was

High, high above the heads

And shoulders of all the average-sized folks

Feeling as though I were perched

In the tallest tree

On its strongest branch

Secure and protected

On my perch atop your shoulders

Safe and content as I always was

With you

There I went

Spinning, spinning in confusion

Out into the warmth

Of a September summer night sky

Shimmering with stars

That whispered words of solace

To soothe my troubled soul.

Gone, with the son whom you loved

And a baby on my hip

To sit there in a room

With you

There I was

Still, still, my heart filled

With warmth

As I regarded my giant, my majestic tree

Fallen to the earth with a crash

Leaves rustling in the lonely wind

This was our time

And I spoke words of love

And comfort and gratitude

A last kiss, a lingering

Tender touch

Good night, my valiant noble king

I’ll see you in my dreams

For there I will always be

With you


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